About Us

We're the Raccoon Stash!

Meet Tye and Lee, the kawaii dynamic duo! On a mission to bring smiles to everyone. We love all things nerdy, cute, and wonderfully quirky! We are always open to making new custom and exclusive pins!

Tye ๋࣭ ⭑

💻🖱️Hey there, I am Tye! I juggle pixles, threads and do some designing. I am a cross-stich expert! I also manage the website and help with our advertising! 📟

Lee ₊ ⊹

✂️🧶Hiya! I am Lee, I am the I'm the creative brain behind the designs, the digital artist, social media manager and a cross-stiching guru! (I am not a cat in a raccon costume! I am a real Raccoon!) 🖍️